„Police, Adjective”: The Words and the Things

I have an article in the new issue of Close Up (a Film Studies Journal edited by UNATC). It’s on Police, Adjective and it considers Porumboiu’s film as an illustration of Peter Wollen’s influential 1969 adaptation of Charles Sanders Peirce’s trichotomy of signs – iconic, indexical and symbolic signs – to the field of film theory. Below is an excerpt. […]

„Polițist, adjectiv”: Cuvintele și lucrurile

Acest text e bazat pe o serie de note pregătite pentru cursul „Filmul românesc contemporan”, susținut de mine la Centrul de Excelență în Studiul Imaginii al Universității București, la invitația prof. univ. dr. Sorin Alexandrescu.  Apărut în 2009, Polițist, adjectiv al lui Corneliu Porumboiu era la vremea aceea – după cum rămâne și azi – […]

An article in the „New Romanian Cinema” special issue of „Film Criticism”

The journal Film Criticism has a special issue on the New Romanian Cinema. It is edited  by Alina Haliliuc and Jesse Schlotterbeck and features contributions by Chris Cagle, Anca Caramelea, Raluca Iacob, Marie-Louise Paulesc, Chris Robé, and Jennifer Stob. I have also contributed with an article: „In the Name of the ‘Ambiguity of the Real’: Romanian […]

Haunted by „The Third Man”

Le Coup de Prague (The Prague Coup) is a short story in comic-book form, a collaboration between the French writer Jean-Luc Fromental and the American artist Miles Hyman, published (in French) in 2017. It is a visualization of the legend according to which the film The Third Man, a famous British-American co-production from 1949, is […]