Six ways of looking at Martin Ritt’s „The Spy Who Came in from the Cold”. (For „Bright Lights Film Journal”)

I wanted to commemorate John le Carré’s passing (in December 2020) by writing something on the film version of The Spy Who Came in from the Cold. Here it is – in Bright Lights Film Journal.

On Assayas’s brilliant film criticism

I have a new article in Bright Lights Film Journal. It’s on the film criticism of Olivier Assayas: As a critic, Olivier Assayas tends to tune in very early to a new phenomenon. He is the critic as seismograph, always looking to delineate the shape of things to come. Much later, writing now as a […]

On André Bazin and Graham Greene, in „Bright Lights Film Journal”

I have a new essay in Bright Lights Film Journal. It explores the points of contact between André Bazin and Graham Greene. „According to Bazin, he met Greene once in 1949. It was in Biarritz, at the “Festival du film maudit”. Bazin was one of the initiators of the festival, which also benefitted from the […]