The battle over „The Quiet American” (part two)

Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s 1958 film version of The Quiet American was a polemical answer to Graham Greene’s novel – literary adaptation as (politically driven) literary criticism. More than that, it was an operation meant to “correct” the novel, to replace it in the public consciousness, to neutralize it: literary adaptation as propagandistic damage control. Like […]

The battle over „The Quiet American” (part one)

This essay is based on notes for a seminar I conducted at the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung (University of Arts and Design) in Karlsruhe, Germany, in July 2016, at the invitation of Professor Andrei Ujică. Graham Greene’s novel The Quiet American was published in late 1955 in the U.K. and in early 1956 in the […]

Haunted by „The Third Man”

Le Coup de Prague (The Prague Coup) is a short story in comic-book form, a collaboration between the French writer Jean-Luc Fromental and the American artist Miles Hyman, published (in French) in 2017. It is a visualization of the legend according to which the film The Third Man, a famous British-American co-production from 1949, is […]

A death in the family: Cristi Puiu’s „Sieranevada”

  After Aurora and its polemical realism Leaving aside the experimental Three Exercises of Interpretation from 2013 (produced in an acting workshop), Cristi Puiu’s last feature film before this year’s Sieranevada was Aurora, which premiered back in 2010 in Cannes’s “Un Certain Regard” section. A three-hour long fiction narrated in a manner indebted to the […]

Radu Jude’s „Scarred Hearts”: Engaging with Romanian literature, historical anti-Semitism and the genre of the period film

A text by Veronica Lazăr and Andrei Gorzo   The relation between the film and the literary text In its opening credits, Radu Jude’s beautiful and stimulating Scarred Hearts describes itself as a film “freely adapted from Max Blecher’s literary works”. It is worth trying to establish more precisely what kind of adaptation we are […]

Realism and ideology in post-2000 Romanian cinema

This is a draft of a talk given on June 6, 2016, at BFI Southbank in London. The event, organized by the British Film Institute and the Romanian Cultural Institute under the title “The Romanian New Wave in Context”, also included presentations by film scholar Dominique Nasta and film critic Nick Roddick. The Romanian cinema’s […]