On Radu Jude’s „Barbarians”

The most recent issue of Close Up (UNATC’s journal of Film Studies) features an article by Veronica Lazăr and me, on Radu Jude’s bold and exciting 2018 film „I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians”.  Below is an excerpt. The entire article can be read here. The entire issue of Close Up is here.  Excerpt:  […] One […]

„Barbarii” pe DVD

„Îmi este indiferent dacă în istorie vom intra ca barbari” (Radu Jude, 2018) a ieșit pe DVD. Bonusuri: un scurtmetraj de Jude, Cele două execuții ale mareșalului, care juxtapune documentul cinematografic al execuției lui Ion Antonescu (filmată de Ovidiu Gologan) cu  reconstituirea acesteia de către Sergiu Nicolaescu, pentru filmul Oglinda – Începutul adevărului (1994); și o broșură conținând, pe lângă […]

Of noble Thracian tribesmen and medieval warrior-statesmen

For Studies in Eastern European Cinema I reviewed Onoriu Colăcel’s recent book The Romanian Cinema of Nationalism: Historical Films as Propaganda and Spectacle. (Only the beginning of the review can be read for free.)

The Greene-Solomon Letters

My article on the correspondence between Graham Greene and his Romanian translator Petre Solomon has just been published on the website of the Graham Greene Trust (and in the Trust’s quarterly newsletter): „Greene never returned to Romania after his 1962 visit, but he and Petre Solomon exchanged many letters in the course of the next […]

„Police, Adjective”: The Words and the Things

I have an article in the new issue of Close Up (a Film Studies journal edited by UNATC). It’s on Police, Adjective and it considers Porumboiu’s film as an illustration of Peter Wollen’s influential 1969 adaptation of Charles Sanders Peirce’s trichotomy of signs – iconic, indexical and symbolic signs – to the field of film theory. Below is an excerpt. […]

A Pintilie Obituary

Here is my obituary of Lucian Pintilie, written for the journal Studies in Eastern European Cinema. (Unfortunately, it is not freely accessible in its entirety.)