About (English)

Andrei Gorzo studied film history and film theory at Bucharest’s National University of Theatre and Film (UNATC) and at New York University. He is currently an associate professor of Film Studies at the UNATC; he was recently a Fulbright visiting scholar at Stanford University (August 2017 to January 2018). His study of the New Romanian Cinema, Lucruri care nu pot fi spuse altfel: Un mod de a gândi cinemaul, de la André Bazin la Cristi Puiu, was published by Humanitas Press (2012). At Tact Press he has recently coedited two collections of essays: Politicile filmului. Contribuții la interpretarea cinemaului românesc contemporan (2014, coedited with Andrei State) and Filmul tranziției. Contribuții la interpretarea cinemaului românesc „nouăzecist” (2017, coedited with Gabriela Filippi).

E-mail: andrei.gorzo@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andrei.gorzo.5