A Slight Unease About Capitalism: Radu Jude’s „The Happiest Girl in the World” and the New Romanian Cinema

This new article co-authored with Veronica Lazăr – the second in a series built around the films of Radu Jude – discusses the aesthetics and the politics of the so-called New Romanian Cinema (a major post-2005 sensation on the international art-cinema circuit), succintly assessing its novelty in both a national and an international cinematic context. It then proceeds to discuss Jude’s debut feature, The Happiest Girl in the World (2009), as a NRC film, typical in some ways, atypical in others. The paper highlights the film’s critique of advertising and the nuclear family. It’s in English, it’s open-access and it can be read here. 

The first article in our series can be found here.