On André Bazin and Graham Greene, in „Bright Lights Film Journal”

I have a new essay in Bright Lights Film Journal. It explores the points of contact between André Bazin and Graham Greene.

„According to Bazin, he met Greene once in 1949. It was in Biarritz, at the “Festival du film maudit”. Bazin was one of the initiators of the festival, which also benefitted from the patronage of people like Jean Cocteau, Orson Welles, Robert Bresson, Raymond Queneau or Claude Mauriac. In a light-hearted note on the festival, written for Le Parisien libéré, Bazin told an anecdote about the encounter between Greene and Mauriac, whom the British guest apparently took for his father, François Mauriac, and congratulated for looking so young.”

The essay can be read here.