Someone has been posting fascist comments under my name

It has been brought to my attention that someone has opened an account on the (excellent) cinephile social network Letterboxd using my name, my photograph and the name of the National University of Theatre and Film – Bucharest, where I am employed. Taking the joke farther, the person(s) using my identity has (have) posted ‘film reviews’ consisting of fascist and homophobic comments. Sample (about Chaplin’s „City Lights”): „Miss me with this gay shit. I don’t buy this whole act with the poor tramp trying to make me feel sorry for him. Go get a job and become a productive member of the society.”

Captură de ecran din 2020-05-13 la 20.26.51


If some of you ever had to deal with identity theft, please advise me on the best ways to take action against the little joker(s) who did this. (I have definite suspicions regarding the perpetrators.) Needless to say, I take it very seriously – there may be other such accounts, other fascist comments posted in my name on other forums.

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