An article in the „New Romanian Cinema” special issue of „Film Criticism”

The journal Film Criticism has a special issue on the New Romanian Cinema. It is edited  by Alina Haliliuc and Jesse Schlotterbeck and features contributions by Chris Cagle, Anca Caramelea, Raluca Iacob, Marie-Louise Paulesc, Chris Robé, and Jennifer Stob. I have also contributed with an article: „In the Name of the ‘Ambiguity of the Real’: Romanian Cinematic Realism after the 2000s”.  

Here is the opening paragraph:

„Romanian film culture was utterly changed in the 2000s by filmmaker Cristi Puiu’s ideas. The starting point of Puiu’s approach to the cinema could be described as Bazinian. At the time of his 2005 international film-festival sensation, The Death of Mr. Lăzărescu, Puiu himself approvingly quoted André Bazin’s distinction between the type of filmmaker who puts their faith in reality and the type of filmmaker who puts their faith in the image, favoring the former. In other words, the starting point of Puiu’s approach to cinema is firmly anti-expressionist and anti-pictorial, faithful to cinema’s original function of reproducing reality in a more objective manner.”

The article can be read here:;rgn=main